Automatic SAP Stop/Start on AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now one of the most widely used cloud services for hosting SAP applications.

So it is highly important for you to switch off these SAP/AWS instances during unused hours to save the cost on unused resources.

I am just referring you to the interesting blogs/articles which will help you achieve this. Credits to the authors for such detailed blogs.


This can be achieved in two steps.

A. Stop/Start application/DB along with operating system stop/start. Use init scripts to do this as explained in the blog SAP/DB auto start/stop. During maintenance (Multiple reboots) you can switch off the script using, chkconfig <scriptname> off.

B. Stop/Start the AWS EC2 instance using Lambda and Cloud watch functions of AWS as explained in the article  AWS auto start/stop and Video blog.

With this the cloud watch will trigger the lambda functions to stop/start the instance. The init script will recognize the stop/start request and start the SAP stop/start process.

Other methods like AWS data Pipeline and Autoscaling cannot be used for the purpose as it will not support clean shutdown of SAP.

We have implemented for our development and quality systems using these blogs and it works like a charm.

Have a question? Use the comment section below.

Important notes about SAP On AWS:

2539097 – SAP Netweaver License on AWS

1656099 – SAP Applications on AWS: Supported DB/OS and AWS EC2 products

2591601 – SAP on AWS: Adaption of your SAP License

2142455 – SAP Replication Server 15.7.1 SP204 version for Amazon AWS Cloud


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