Scheduling failed on Sybase ASE

Error in DB13 while running SAP on Sybase database – “Scheduling Failed”.

scheduling failed

These errors are intermittent and not reproducible.

Below I outline some steps to troubleshoot this issue:

Check for errors in log files (<SID>, <SID>_BS, <SID>_JSAGENT> under installation directory:

Ex: “D\:sybase\<SID>\ASE-15_0\install.

If you cannot read these files (Because it is in use), copy it to another directory .

Try to dump the transaction log using below command:

dump transaction <SID> to “<Dump Directory>”.

If you are able to successfully dump or truncate the log file, then try to delete the further schedules and try to reschedule the backup again from DB13.

schedule again

If you are not able to dump or truncate the transaction log , database might be in a standstill (Root cause explained at the end).

In that case, stop SAP and restart the DB services (SQL Server and Backup Server).


In our case, we found following errors in the <SID> log file when the issue happened.

Error: 8213, Severity: 20, State: 3
server Failed to acquire address lock on object DDLOG

Note: There were no Dump DATABASE or Create INDEX were running on the database during that time.

This is caused by a bug in the ASE database as explained in the SAP Note 2337582.

Database had to be updated to one of the release mentioned in the note to resolve the issue.





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