AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (2018)

I have recently cleared the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (2018).

Based on my preparation and the exam itself, i have compiled some points as per the index below.

Simple Storage Service (S3)

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Elastic Block Storage (EBS)


Relational Database Service (RDS)



AWS Certified Solution Architect – Points to remember (EBS)

  1. Elastic block storage.
  2. Suitable for block based storage, like running an operating system, database, webserver etc..
  3. Encryption can be enabled on EBS volumes while creating the volume.
  4. You cannot disable or enable encryption on the fly. It will need either a data copy or snapshots.
  5. To increase IOPS, add multiple disks and create Raid arrays.
  6. You cannot attached EBS volumes to multiple instances. You can attach it to only one instance at a time.

AWS Certified Solution Architect – Points to remember (EC2)

  1. Uptime SLA for EC2 and EBS within a region is 99.99%
  2. Default cooling period of a Autoscaling group is 5 mins.
  3. Cooling period can be adjusted based on requirement.
  4. AWS lambda scales automatically. No end-user actions required.
  5. User Lambda Environment variables to pass parameters to function. For sensitive information you can use encrypted environment variables.
  6. Remember that both EBS and EFS does not scale automatically.
  7. EFS to expensive compared to EBS. So EBS is cost effective compared to EFS.
  8. EBS volumes cannot be shared between different instances.
  9. Since EFS is network file system, a latency is expected.
  10. Use Lambda instead of EC2 where ever possible. Example there are simple computations to be done which does not need a big EC2 instance or a scenario where your computations should scale to millions of requests automatically.
  11. Regional Reserved Instances do not provide a capacity reservation.
  12. Standard and Convertible Reserved Instances provide a capacity reservation in a specific availability zone.
  13. Application Load Balancer is the most comprehensive ELB available and most cost effective.