Check your ports before you install the application

I have come across situations where it was necessary to check the ports before even installing an application to see if firewall is open or if no other application is already using the port.


On Linux environments this can be done using command ln:

Use yum or zypper or apt-get to install the tool:


Now simulate your port and test:



On windows I did not find a ready-made way to do the same. So designed my own, with some help from internet.

No installation required and it is version independent. Just download and run it from below link:

Simulate Port on Windows


Unzip the file to your desktop.

Double click to execute the file:



If prompted allow firewall access.


And you are ready to test.


Once you are connected, you get a message in your simulator:


Note: After the test is done end the test process from your task manager. Otherwise the port will be kept occupied.



How to deploy a SCA package using Telnet

Telnet can be used to deploy a SCA file on to the JAVA stack. This is the most easiest and quickest way to deploy individual packages.

You can refer to SAP Note SAP Note 1715441 for detailed instructions.

Key points to remember:

  1. Telnet port to connect to is 5<Instance Number>08.
  2. Use command lsc to list the available server nodes.
  3. Use command jump <server node> to connect to a particular node.
  4. Server node will get restarted during the deployment and you will get disconnected from the telnet session.
  5. Use get_result to get the result of the deployment. You may receive error, command not found when you run the command. This may be because the node is still coming up. Give it some time until the node is available again.